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Meet Holli & The Boys

Meet Holli & The Boys


Avid blogger, decorator, and now new dog mom Holli loves everything old and new! Recently she added two new members to her family Ford & Cooper. With a passion for decorating Holli made her Impact Dog Crate a focal point in her beautiful home, choosing the bright lime green crate to give her space a pop of color! We got the details on Holli's new additions & how she chose her Impact Dog Crate! 

What sparked your inspiration in creating the blog?

  • My goal is to have creative conversations with my friends and followers, exchanging ideas and designing on a budget. Because my family and a healthy lifestyle are also important, I like to share tips and products that make family life easier and fun! You can check out Holli's Blog here!

How did you pick which breed of dogs to get?

  • My husband had a Weimaraner when we got married and I've been hooked ever since. They are the best family dogs, loyal, protective and fearless. We live in the country and they are the best snake killers I've ever seen. They love to be a part of the family and their favorite thing is just to be with you. 

How did you decide on a crate color?

  • We wanted something fun and fitting for two sweet boys! We live in Florida, where bold color abounds!

Why did you decide the lime green?

  • It was between gray and green. We figured since we were getting a cool crate why not get a cool color! Also, the kids call it Hulk Green! 😉

How has the first couple of days been with your new puppies?

  • The puppies have taken the best way. All our time and attention is on them. We have developed a rhythm of feeding, sleeping, playing, etc. Having the crate to train them has been immeasurable. We have a play pen for them to use on the back porch and switching between the two when they aren't loose in the yard is the only way to go! We love our new babies and they fit right in!

To keep up with Holli & The Boy's and for some amazing home decor tips check out her blog Bees N Burlap