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Meet Sara & The Super Collies!

Meet Sara & The Super Collies!

Meet Sara, Hero, Marvel, and Loki! And make sure to catch them in the finale of America's Got Talent! We had a moment to talk with Sara and get all the details on her and her #impactpups!

Where did your dog’s come from?

Hero is from a farm in Ontario, Canada. Marvel is from a family in San Francisco and Loki is a rescue from Oklahoma. 

How old?

Hero- 6 Marvel- 2 Loki-1

When did you get them?

I got Hero when he was just a pup , Marvel was around 8 months old when I found her and Loki was around 5 weeks old. 

How did you find out they were talented?

Honestly, from the moment I met each pup I knew they were special. Sometimes a dog comes into your life and changes everything. Thats 100% a true statement. 

How did you come up with your performance?

Each dog has their own special talents. I try to give them each their time to shine, while just having a good time! 

Which Impact Dog Crates do you use?

I have a few - 400 and 300 series~ Love them and the pups love their fans too!!! 

How has an Impact Dog Crate Impacted you and your pup’s lives?

The pups are now safe and secure when we travel across the country. It's also extremely handy to have fans that keep the air circulating when on the road and stopped. 

Where did the super collies come from?

I use to ALWAYS say Hero, The Super Collie. Once I got my second collie is changed to The Super Collies. 

How is using a crate in the car?

I highly recommend crate training and using a crate while traveling. Your pup will be more comfortable and you wont have to worry about them loose in the back! 

Your pup’s favorite dog toys?

All of my pups love their Nylabones! 

How has your experience on America’s got talent been so far?

Honestly, meeting all of the incredible people involved in the show. I now have forever friends because of this journey and I am just so thankful. 

What is your Puppr App? 

Puppr is a dog training app for iOS and Android that utilizes positive reinforcement training techniques. It includes step-by-step photo instructions and a built-in clicker to help teach your dog tricks from basic obedience like “sit” and “stay” to advanced tricks like “fetch leash” and “dance”.

Puppr is free to download and includes in-app purchases for additional lesson packs. The "Basics" pack is free and each premium lesson pack includes 7 tricks, one of which is free.

How is your app different?

Positive Reinforcement - We're big supporters of positive reinforcement training to help strengthen the bond between you and your pup

Built-in Clicker - Forget the clicker at home? We got you covered! Our built-in clicker makes training on-the-go easy

Easy To Follow - Each lesson includes step-by-step photo instructions and troubleshooting tips

Themed Tricks - Choose from a variety of lesson packs from basic obedience to advanced circus tricks

Lots To Learn - Over 30 tricks to teach your pup (roll over, crawl, wave, fetch leash, take a bow to name a few!)

You can check out and download the Puppr app here