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pet-related holidays in june 2022 dog smiling wearing party hat in front of orange wall

Pet-Related Holidays in June 2022

Daily Dog- Related Holidays and Observances in June 2022

    June 8: National Best Friends Day
    June 14: World Pet Memorial Day
    June 21: National Dog Party Day
    June 24: Take Your Dog To Work Day; Cat World Domination Day
    beagle and french bulldog sitting at desk dressed in business clothes wearing tie staring at computer screen

      Week-long Pet-Related Observances in June 2022

      June 5-11: Pet Appreciation Week. Show us how you and your dog are celebrating Pet Appreciation Week. Tag #impactdogcrates on Instagram to be featured!
      June 20-24: Take Your Pet To Work Week

      Month-long Pet-Related Holidays in June 2022

      National Pet Preparedness Month  - This month-long observance was created to urge people with pets to make evacuation plans and to prepare for a natural disaster or other emergency. Here are some helpful tips for preparing yourself and your pets for a disaster. 
      National Foster a Pet Month
      National Microchipping Month
      are you prepared to evacuate your pets? click to learn more
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