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puppies photos of the week


We've got puppy fever... and now you do too! 😍You're welcome. Enjoy this cuteness overload of puppies! Photos submitted by our amazing friends on Facebook and Instagram. Scroll down to see adorable puppies!


shepherd puppies

PC: K22 Working K9's

greater swiss mountain dog puppies

PC: @troutcreekgsmd

golden retriever puppy wants starbucks


 malinois puppy chewing on toy


husky puppy in collapsible crate


litter of golden retriever puppies


black shepherd puppy jumping


black puppy in grass


merle puppy with blue eyes


golden retriever puppy on blue collapsible impact crate

PC: Shannon K.

australian shepherd puppy

PC: Rachael F.

black puppy

PC: Rebecca A. H. 

puppy colored eyes 

PC: Jess Z.

german shepherd puppies


merle puppy head tilt

PC: Allison Moffitt O.

puppy playing with mom

PC: Jennifer L. 

litter of gsd puppies 

PC: An F. 

merle puppy in grass

PC: Courtney N.

white fluffy puppy
PC: Jessica K.

white puppies cuddling

PC: Kelsey R.

yellow lab puppy

PC: Becky E.

Thank you all for sharing! 

Want your dog to be featured? Tag #impactpups and @impactdogcrates on Instagram or post your photos in the comments of our Facebook posts @impactdogcrates.