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Santa Paws

 Happy Pawlidays to you and your fur family! 

Thank you to all of you who shared your adorable photos of your pups showing off their Holiday spirit. Enjoy!

shepherds with santa

 grinch who stole corgi


puppy with presents

dog with presents

bolt dog xmas

elf dog

dog as reindeer

weimaraner reindeer

dog xmas photo

dog as reindeer

dog in reindeer hat

dog in santa hat

dog meeting santa

dog on sleigh

reindeer costume for dogs

dog santa photo

dog wearing xmas tie

dog with candy prop

dog with xmas tree 

gsd christmas photo


dog reindeer

dog meets santa

dog sleeping by tree

family dog xmas photo

husky christmas pictures 

dogs christmas photo

dogs meet santa and mrs claus

dogs at christmas


shepherd xmas

family and dogs santa photo

golden retrievers meet santa

grinch and max

gsd crate size

dogs with xmas tree

kid and dog looking for santa 

malinois in santa hat

mastiff meets santa

santa scares dog

dog santa photo

dog in santa hat

dog with santa

dog by xmas tree

dogs meet santa

shepherds in wrapping paper

puppy in santa hat



Thank you for sharing your cute photos! Enjoy this special week with your fur family!

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(Photo Credit: @mysticrayne_gsd / @hercules_theirongentleman / @itsmilothechow / Mariah L. / @novathedawg1 / @bonsai_wons_eye_ / Lisa G. / @zoe.the.weimaraner / Liz H. / @ryderthepitweenie / Chris R. / Pat R. /  Juli M. / Linda G. / @benson.thegoldie / @kaneisak9 / Jeff B. / @thebigbadwoofers / Becky H. / Nelson Yin C. / @wardoggduco / @_coltthek9_ / @wrigleyandlulu / @archersmovement / @dexandmavs / Gina C. / Tess P. / @tlax_salty_dog_training / @smokey_mountain_mals / Debi O. / Teresa A. H. / Jessica P. / @kodavomruyter / Paula W. / Debiie Ivankovic-B. / @kona_nova_ / @r3marco / @presley_all_on_black / LeAnn T. / Kathy C. / Laurie R. / Donna L. / Megan P. / @shepherd_shenanigans / @followtheprints )