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Talk to a Crate Expert
dog park etiquette
dog training
Jaimie MeredithMar 19, 20210 comments
Dog Park Etiquette
The unwritten rules of visiting an off-leash dog park.
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how to potty train your puppy
dog training
potty training
Impact SalesApr 23, 20200 comments
How To Potty Train Your Puppy
Here are a few steps to make that transition easy on you and most importantly your puppy. 
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diy dog puzzles
dog iy
dog training
Jaimie MeredithJan 10, 20200 comments
DIY Dog Puzzles
Is your dog bored? Lazy winter days at home can make anyone restless, especially your dog. If your pup has been sneaking into the trash or chewing up your shoes...
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who plays the biggest role in your puppy's development?
crate training
dog training
puppy training
Impact SalesMar 14, 20190 comments
Who Plays The Biggest Role in Your Puppy's Development?
The most valuable puppy training advice on how to raise a confident puppy.
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Keep your pup calm and protected this Fourth of July!
dog safety
dog training
storm phobia
Impact SalesJun 29, 20170 comments
Keep your pup calm and protected this Fourth of July!
5 Tips for Keeping Dogs Calm During Fireworks for the 4th! The folks over at K9 of Mine love dogs as much as we do, and this year they’ve released...
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