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Keep your pup calm and protected this Fourth of July!

Keep your pup calm and protected this Fourth of July!

5  Tips for Keeping Dogs Calm During Fireworks!

The folks over at K9 of Mine love dogs as much as we do, and they’ve released this insightful infographic on How to Keep Dogs Safe and Calm for 4th of July Fireworks. Since every dog is unique, training methods that work for some dogs may not work for others. Hopefully these suggestions are helpful for you and your pup! Enjoy!

 (We are republishing the infographic here with their permission, along with a contributor article from K9 of Mine’s Meg Marrs.) 

 how to keep dog calm during fireworks

K9 of Mine's Tips for a Safe 4th of July with Your Pup:

  1. Get Your Dog Used to The Sound of Fireworks

The first step in keeping your canine calm during fireworks is to get them desensitized to the sound.

Find some videos of fireworks playing online (there are plenty on YouTube) and, as the sound and video play, begin giving your pup treats and playing with him.

The goal: to get your dog to associate the sound of fireworks with good, fun things like playtime and tasty goodies!


  1. Provide Your Dog With a Safe Space

Many dogs feel comforted by having their own crate they can go hide and burrow into when they hear those frightening fireworks.

Consider purchasing a secure crate that will keep your pup safe. 

Make your dog’s crate extra cozy with the addition of some blankets, a crate bed, and some favorite toys or chews to really calm your nervous canine. 

If your dog has a history of escaping crates or show signs of storm phobia, we have a sturdy High Anxiety dog crate specifically designed to keep escape-artist dogs secure.


  1. Distract Your Dog With Toys

When fireworks go off, try giving your dog something better to do than worry.

Try giving your pup a dog puzzle toy to keep him occupied. The challenge of completing a puzzle for a tasty treat may be enough to distract your dog from those scary firework sounds.

 Another popular dog distraction strategy is to fill a kong full of tasty food and freeze it – many dogs find these frozen pupsicles irresistible!

Some dogs may be unwilling to eat when they’re really scared, but for others, comfort food is the way to go.


  1. Update Your Dog’s Collar & Tags

It’s not unusual for dogs to bolt out of their home or yard due to firework fear. For many animal shelters, July 5th is the busiest day of the year, as shelters spend all day trying to reunite lost and scared pets with frantic owners.

If your dog does escape, finding him will be much easier if he has his tags on! Make sure your dog has a properly fitted collar that won’t slide off, as well as clear, visible tags with up to date contact info.

If your dog is a known escape artist, you may want to consider a dog GPS collar so you can locate your pooch easily once the chaos has subsided. Micro chipping your dog is another smart and safe solution.


  1. Stay Home (If You Can)

Of course not everyone can stay home on the 4th (and we don’t blame you – while dogs hate fireworks, humans tend to adore them).

Still, your dog will be happiest with you by their side. So if you can sit the celebration out, your dog will thank you for it!


Do you have any other tips for keeping dogs calm during fireworks? Share your advice with us on our Facebook post!