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how to introduce your dog to the high anxiety crate
dog training tips
high anxiety crate
Jaimie MeredithJul 8, 20200 comments
How To Introduce Your Dog To The High Anxiety Dog Crate
Learn more about your dog's escape-artist behavior and how to familiarize your pup with his/her new High Anxiety crate.
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fun dog training ideas for at home
dog training tips
Impact SalesMar 27, 20200 comments
Fun Dog Training Ideas
Teach your dog a new trick while you're spending more time at home! 
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the benefits of exercising with your dog
dog health tips
dog training tips
Jaimie MeredithAug 14, 20190 comments
The Benefits of Exercising With Your Dog
Exercising with your fur friend has an astonishing number of health benefits. Owning a dog can enrich the lives of humans. You and your dog can reap the benefits of regular...
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holiday decor that may actually be harming your dog
dog safety
dog training tips
how to crate train
Impact SalesDec 11, 20180 comments
How to Keep Your Dog Safe this Holiday Season
Are you making these innocent mistakes? Here are a few helpful tips for keeping your dog safe during this Holiday season.
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