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TESTIMONIAL: How Impact Dog Crates Changed Zeus's Life

TESTIMONIAL: How Impact Dog Crates Changed Zeus's Life

As a team of dog owners and lovers, we know first-hand the incredible impact dogs have on our lives. The human-animal bond is often spoken about, and it's because this bond is truly like no other. Dogs- and other animals, are so much more than just pets; they are parts of our family.

Unfortunately, not every dog has a stable or loving environment around them. Far too many dogs have experienced trauma at some point in their lives, including neglect or abuse. However, there are many passionate dog lovers out there willing to open their hearts and homes to a pup that needs it most. Fortunately, there are also many animal welfare organizations, including shelters and rescues, that share this dedication to creating better futures for these dogs.

As a small business in the pet industry, we love hearing the positive rescue stories that dog owners share with us. We are always moved when we hear that our products have made even the slightest positive difference in the lives of dogs and their human counterparts. Creating high-quality products that better the lives of dogs is our number one priority, and it has been for the last ten years.

Meet Alexandra and Zeus

The following is a testimonial we received from a customer, Alexandra Miller. She is the owner of a Weimaraner and Pit Bull mix named Zeus, who she rescued to give him a better life. Due to circumstances in Zeus’s early life, he suffered from severe anxiety, a condition that drastically affected his day-to-day behavior. Fortunately, there are ways to help manage anxiety in dogs, and one method commonly recommended by veterinarians and dog experts around the world is crate training. Many environments can quickly become overwhelming for dogs, heightening their anxiety. This is why providing your pup with a safe and secure space, just for them, is so important.

Impact Dog Crates Testimonial: How a New Crate Changed Zeus's Life

“Just wanted to share with you how big of a difference your crates have made in our dogs life. We rescued Zeus about a month ago and he came to us with a long history of trauma. He was found at 5 months old tied to a tree with a zip tie collar. They must have put it on him as a young puppy and while he grew, the collar didn’t. After Dallas Animal Services rescued him, it had to be surgically removed as it was completely embedded in his neck. 
After they got him healed up, he was adopted during the pandemic by a woman who had good intentions, but kept him in a wire crate for 11-12 hours while she worked. He was consistently hurting himself attempting to escape, and would get so anxious he would actually go potty in his crate- so she stopped putting him in it entirely which only led him to being destructive and unfortunately found him on the receiving end of being in constant trouble. As a Weimaraner/Pit Bull mix who was overall lacking structure, love and the exercise he needed to be a happy dog, her sister finally got her to agree to surrendering him, and she continued to foster him up until we put in an application. She saw the potential in him and I give her so much credit with the work she’s poured into him to make him what he is today.”


“When we got him, she warned us about his SEVERE kennel anxiety and as I previously mentioned, his face has the scars to prove his many escape attempts. The first time we put him in the wire crate we had soccer game to attend. His anxiety was so bad I could hear him barking and crying from the Ring camera on the OUTSIDE of our house. When we returned home, the crate had been bent upwards from the bottom and the door almost pushed out. He cut his nose up so badly (picture below) and I was so worried he would hurt himself or our other furry family members if he got out. I knew we needed a better option, started researching and it led me to Impact.”

“When I tell you the first DAY we had him in it, we saw an immediate change in him. I could tell it made him feel safe, and the elimination of the wire crate and the ability to escape completely changed his demeanor. He is now successfully sleeping all night in his Impact crate, and not even fussing/whining when we kennel him while we’re out of the house. I cannot thank you enough for helping us rehabilitate him. We will always continue to spread the word of your brand and look forward to many years of use of this crate.”


Amazing pet owners like Alexandra, who selflessly care for animals in need, have entirely changed many dogs’ lives by giving them a loving, forever home. For animal lovers wanting to provide a new start for a dog, we recommend reaching out to your local animal shelter or rescue to learn more about dogs- and other animals- looking for a loving home. Every dog deserves a happy and bright future surrounded by a family that showers them with endless amounts of love- and belly rubs, while telling them what a good girl or good boy they are. 


Thank you to Alexandra Miller for sharing Zeus's story with us!