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An Epic Road Trip with Impact Dog Crates

An Epic Road Trip with Impact Dog Crates

At Impact, we know nothing compares to the feeling of hitting the road with your four-legged friend. Beautiful destinations, breathtaking views, and stunning routes are just a few of the many reasons that so many people embark on road trip adventures every year. Sure, solo road trips are guaranteed to be a good time as well. However, as a team of dog lovers, we are staunch believers that all of the best road trips have one thing in common; dogs. After all, dogs make the best adventure buddies. Dogs are the best hiking partners, the most loving camping companions, and, of course, the best car passengers.

With all the beauty that the amazing outdoors has to offer, why not do some exploring with your dog? Whether your goal is to see as many landmarks as possible, or you are on a mission to drive through every scenic national park; road trips are responsible for some of life’s fondest memories. When creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences on the road, nothing beats having your favorite people- and canines, by your side through some of the best of times.

Anthony's Awesome Road Trip with Mystic, Max, and Maui

The following is a road trip experience shared by a customer, Anthony, who recently traveled across the country with his three pups. Knowing the importance of pet safety, Anthony brought along his Impact Collapsible Dog Crates to keep his adventure buddies well-protected while traveling.

"Mystic, Max and Maui are lucky German Shepherd rescues turned off-road adventure pups, thanks to their impact collapsible crates. They recently em”bark”ed on an epic off grid adventure that traveled 4000 miles, through 6 states, and saw 7 national parks. Each pup also brought along their own large Impact Collapsible Dog Crate that when broken down were compact and lightweight enough to be transported in our off grid trailer."
"There are many things that make our impact investment worthwhile. First and most importantly, is the safety of our dogs. While we travel, our collapsible protects our GSDs from the elements and provides security from stranger danger. We also appreciate the versatility of the collapsibility. Because the crates fold into a case and are lightweight we can literally go anywhere with them and our fur babies always have their own place to rest. Additionally, our complete set up gets a lot of attention, but most of the intrigue and compliments are on our impact collapsible crate."
"The question we receive the most is… 'do you have a bear in that kennel?' and we say 'yes, 3 of them'."

Road Trip Safety Tips for Your Dog

To ensure your dog is safe at all times throughout your road trip, there are some general safety tips you should abide by. First of all, vehicle safety for yourself and your dog should be your #1 priority. Every day there are thousands of car accidents in the U.S., so it is always strongly advised that people follow car safety laws for their own protection in the unfortunate event of an accident. While us humans are aware of the safety requirements when traveling by car, such as ensuring your seatbelt is on at all times, some pet owners may not be fully aware of the best safety practices for their dogs.

Curious about the best way to keep your beloved pup safe on the road? The answer is quite simple; secure them in a heavy-duty dog crate to ensure they receive the maximum protection at all times. When your dog is outside of a crate in a moving vehicle, they are much more likely to be injured in the event of an accident. When they are inside a strong, sturdy dog crate, the risk of injury decreases dramatically. Not only that, but crates provide a variety of other benefits for your pups. Is it your dog’s first time traveling in the car? Not a problem; a crate provides a quiet and comfortable space that will put your pup at ease. Plus, when your dog is safely housed inside their crate, you know that they won’t have any opportunities to cause any trouble or get into anything they shouldn’t.

Thank you to every “roadtripper” who prioritizes their pup’s safety on the road. We love seeing all of the incredible trips that Impact Dog Crates’ customers go on, and we hope sharing this experience inspires other pet owners to add a road trip with their dog to their 2023 to-do list!


Thank you Anthony for sharing your amazing journey with us! We are so glad to know that our crates did their job of protecting your dogs throughout your trip.