The Best Dog Crate for Mastiffs

the best dog crates for mastiffs

Mastiffs are very loyal and affectionate dogs well known for their protective nature. Generally, Mastiffs have very calm temperaments and are widely considered to be great guardian dogs because of their devotion to their owners. Not only do these dogs have very loving personalities, but they provide peace of mind to their owners, who know their pup is always ready to protect them against any threats. Their friendly personality, and the fact that Mastiffs are usually low maintenance, is why so many families love having these large dogs as pets. 

Since male Mastiffs typically weigh between 160 and 220 pounds, and females weigh between 120 and 170 pounds, there is an obvious absence of dog crates available that are large and strong enough to securely house this dog breed. While Mastiffs do not have a reputation for being very aggressive, their large stature can still make it very easy for them to cause damage to weak crates, which poses a major safety risk to the dog. For dog owners looking for the best crate for their Mastiff, it is important to understand that not all crates are equal in quality, and you should not cut any corners when it comes to pet protection. If a large dog is housed in a feeble wire or plastic crate, the dog’s protection will not be guaranteed, as these crates do not provide the structure or toughness necessary to ensure a dog’s safety. 

cane corso dog running in grassCane Corso  Photo Source: CanvaPro 


For large dog breeds, like Mastiffs, having a high-quality dog crate is a necessity. Housing your pup in a dog crate when they cannot be supervised is the most effective method to ensure their protection. If left unsupervised, and without a crate, dogs can easily get into household hazards, such as cleaning products and garbage. Additionally, for Mastiffs with more destructive tendencies, a secure dog crate makes certain your home remains undamaged. 

At Impact Dog Crates, your dog’s safety is our number one priority. Knowing that every dog has their own unique needs, our heavy-duty aluminum dog crates are built to accommodate dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments. Constructed out of space-grade, lightweight aluminum, our crates are the most trusted by dog owners for transport and at-home use. 


black cane corso in gray size 48 inch collapsible impact dog crate

Size 48 inch Collapsible crate (Kim K.)


Mastiff owners can keep their beloved pets safe and secure in our durable stationary, collapsible, and high-anxiety crate models, which have multiple sizes available for large dog breeds. The ventilation holes on each model allow for optimal airflow, ensuring your large pup has enough air circulation, and the stainless steel slam latches guarantee your dog is safely secured inside. Our advanced product design and engineering behind every product are some of the many reasons why Impact Dog Crates is the most trusted manufacturer and seller of safety-first dog crates for Mastiffs. 

Generally, we find that our customers prefer the following crate sizes for their Mastiffs.

Common Impact Dog Crate Sizes for Mastiff Breeds:

Boerboel (South African Mastiff): Size 42 inch
Bullmastiff: Size 40"  (wide + tall) or size 42"
Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff): Size 40" (wide + tall) or 42"
Dogo Argentino (Argentinian Mastiff): Size 40"  (wide + tall) or 42"
Presa Canario: Size 42" or 48" 
Neapolitan Mastiff: Size 48"
English Mastiff: Size 48"
Tibetan Mastiff: Size 42" or 48"
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"Best Crate ever!
We bought our crate for our 8mo old Cane corso. He loves it and never wants to come out now. He never walked into his wire crate and just hung out, well he does now and I love that he loves it.

I have a mobility disability and I was able to put it up and take this crate down alone with ease. It also lays flat perfectly in my Mini Cooper! Thank you for this amazing crate, because I can now travel with my buddy and have his cool bedroom with us." - Kim K.

dogo argentino sitting in high anxiety impact dog crate size 40 inch wide and tall

"True life changer (^ photo above)
I was skeptical to fork out a small fortune on a crate that could possibly not solve my problems. If only I would have found impact dog crates sooner! Glizzy my 18 month Dogo Argentino Suffers from separation anxiety is very destructive, stopping at nothing to escape her wire kennel and destroying everything that stood in her way. After multiple trips to the ER and having to be sedated for surgery I knew I had to find an alternative. I almost quit my full time job just to avoid putting her in the kennel.

Let me tell you from the moment Glizzy entered the high anxiety impact dog crate it’s like all our prayers were answered! Not only could I immediately see the comfort level and security it gave her but I noticed her actually enjoying her time in her new crate. No more coming home to a injured pup or destroyed plastic liners (and floors) No more endless crying while I’m gone. Glizzy feels safe in this crate and after realizing she can’t escape has stopped attempting her destructive behaviors. I sincerely thank everyone at impact dog crates for changing me and Glizzys life forever! Highly recommend !" - Brandon P.