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the best dog crates for golden retrievers

The Best Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are incredibly playful and friendly dogs that make great pets for families. These dogs are very intelligent with a cheerful demeanor, maintaining their puppy-like personality well into adulthood. Often sought after for being loyal, social, and easy to train, Golden Retrievers are sure to become lifelong best friends to their owners. 

Golden Retrievers are very active dogs that require daily exercise. They enjoy physical activity, such as running and playing, but due to them being high-energy dogs, Golden Retrievers can easily over-exert themselves. This is one of the many reasons why dog crates are recommended for Golden Retrievers. 


golden retriever smiling

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If left unsupervised, with no crate, Golden Retrievers can easily get into many household hazards, including cleaning products, trash, and sharp objects. Since they are naturally curious dogs, and with their playful nature, even the most unsuspecting of household items can be potentially harmful. 

A quality dog crate is a fundamental part of caring for your Golden Retriever. When your dog has a comfortable and safe crate to retreat to, this creates a peaceful, stress-free environment for your pup to rest. This is especially important for ensuring your dog can have some relaxation or nap time and not just remain in an adrenalized state throughout the day. 

When you are unable to watch or play with your Golden Retriever, it is important to keep them in a crate, to both protect them and your home. When they have a lot of pent-up energy and are left outside of a crate, that is when accidents are most likely to happen. A durable, heavy-duty dog crate brings dog owners peace of mind knowing that their furniture is safe from chewing, and, more importantly, their pup is safeguarded against injuries. 

golden retriever sitting in white collapsible 40 inch dog crate

 size 40" (wide + tall) Collapsible crate - @deslindquist

For hyperactive dog breeds, such as Golden Retrievers, you cannot settle for just any crate. Energetic dogs are significantly more likely to try to escape from crates, which can result in very serious accidents. If your dog is being housed in a flimsy wire crate, that can create a very dangerous environment for your pup, causing broken nails and resulting in teeth being snagged in holes. Additionally, wire crates are not designed for transport, providing little to no protection for your dog during car and plane travel. For at-home and on-the-road use, a weak crate lacks the proper safety features, leaving your pup vulnerable to potential injuries. 

At Impact Dog Crates, our heavy-duty aluminum crates are thoughtfully designed to survive a lifetime of daily use, ensuring your Golden Retriever receives the maximum protection through all of life’s adventures. Our three models; the Collapsible, Stationary, and High Anxiety crates, are constructed from durable, lightweight aluminum, allowing Golden Retriever owners to securely house and transport their pups with ease. 

golden retriever in teal side door stationary impact dog crate in back of vehicle

We commonly see Golden Retrievers use our 34 inch crate size. Occasionally, Golden Retriever owners will choose the size 40 inch Impact dog crate. For Goldens on the larger end, we recommend that the customer reaches out to our reps to determine the best fit for their Impact dog crate. Some dog owners prefer larger dog crate sizes for their pups, like the size 40" (wide + tall), for an extra roomy den. If you're picking out an Impact dog crate for your golden retriever puppy, our reps can help you choose the appropriate crate size based on their estimated adult size and how the crate will be used. 

Our aluminum dog crates are trusted by Golden Retriever owners to protect their beloved pets, and we are committed to continuing to provide premium dog products that put the safety and well-being of every dog first.