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The Best Dog Crates For Great Danes

Great Danes are gentle giants and very popular breeds of dogs, sought after for their affectionate and friendly nature. They are very playful and mild-tempered dogs, making them a very loyal companion and wonderful addition to any family. 

black great dane and tan great dane puppy running on beach


Great Danes, also called German Mastiffs, are very quick learners when it comes to training and generally respond well to positive reinforcement from their owners. Just as with all dogs of any breed, size, or temperament, crate training is an essential part of caring for a Great Dane. Dog owners cannot always be with their pups at all times, which is why housing your Great Dane in a secure dog crate is recommended, bringing you peace of mind knowing your dog is safe. 

For dogs of all ages, crate training can be a learning experience- for both the owner and their beloved pet. To ensure your dogs comfort, and to maintain a safe, controlled environment when starting to crate train your dog, investing in a high-quality, strong crate is vital. When finding the perfect crate for your Great Dane, there are certain factors that should be taken into consideration, such as the size, weight, and durability of the crate. 

black and white great dane sitting in front of white collapsible size 54 inch impact dog crate in home

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Needless to say, a Great Dane’s large stature can complicate the search for the best dog crate for their specific needs. It is of paramount importance that a dog crate offers maximum protection for your dog, and the safety of your pup should never be compromised due to a lack of large crate models in the market. 

At Impact Dog Crates, we believe in providing only the best care for your loyal companion. We know that every dog is unique, and there should be no one-size-fits-all when it comes to their protection. Our Stationary and Collapsible aluminum dog crates are constructed to accommodate dogs of all breeds and temperaments, with a large range of size options available for dog owners to choose from. Specifically constructed to withstand a lifetime of daily use, Impact Dog Crates are the most trusted for transport and at-home use. For the avid travelers out there who do not go anywhere without their adventure buddy, our heavy-duty dog crates provide an unfailing barrier that ensures your dogs safety every step of the journey. 

black and white great dane laying sleeping inside white collapsible impact dog crate size 54 inch

 Thanks @danesandthings for sharing! 


The Impact Collapsible crate model is changing the way your travel with your dog, making your future adventures easier than ever. The Collapsible model is made of lightweight aluminum and offers the most convenience for at-home use and when traveling with your pup because of its sleek folding design. For Great Dane dog owners, we recommend the collapsible dog crate in the 54-inch length for your pup. 

One of the most significant factors to take into account when choosing a crate model for larger pups, especially Great Danes, is whether or not the crate will fit through the doorways of your home. Most of our customers with Great Dane choose the Collapsible model because it can easily fit through the width of doorways when collapsed. The Collapsible model folds down to 8-inches, which is incredibly convenient when maneuvering a crate through a house or building. If doorway widths are not an issue for you, then the Stationary crate is another ideal option as an everyday crate for your Great Dane.

(crate dimensions shown below.)

two great danes in gray collapsible colossal impact dog crate size 54 inchphoto credit: unknown


The Impact Stationary dog crate is our lightest model and very practical for everyday use. As with our other crate models, the stationary crate offers optimal airflow for your dogs, and the stainless steel slam latches ensure even the most skilled escape artists are secured inside. For Great Dane dog owners, we recommend the stationary dog crate in the 48-inch length (tall version). (crate dimensions shown below.)


great dane sitting next to lime green stationary 48" tall great dane sized impact crate in bed of truck


Great Dane Collapsible crate dimensions:

impact dog crate collapsible size 54 inch dimensions


Great Dane Stationary crate dimensions:

size 48 inch stationary impact dog crate dimensions


Photo Source: Getty Images/ Canva Pro