Why Did These Dog Owners and Trainers Crate Train Their Dogs?

why did these dog owners trainers crate train their dogs

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We've recently asked over 60 dog owners and trainers why they chose to crate train their dogs, and how crate training has benefited them. Here is what several of them had to say! 


Why Did You Choose To Crate Train Your Dog?

"Ultimately it comes down to their safety. Whether it’s in transit or when I am not able to be with them. I know that they are secure and safe from injury or harm. I also know in the event of emergency, a first exposure to the crate won’t be at times of heightened stress and I know where in my home they are for quick locate/retrieval purposes." - Lani

"We crate trained to assure our dogs all had a good foundation for success. They associate the crate as a safe place." - Dave

"I chose to crate train my dogs because I truly believe that they are safest in the crate. For many reasons, from not being able to get into trash, or eat my couch, to being easier for a pet sitter to care for. From muddy paws to times where they may need to be crated for safety reasons. My dogs love their crates and I make sure they are of appropriate size with blankets or toys depending on the dogs needs." - Rachel

"Manners and impulse control." - Brenda

"Separation anxiety at first, then because it's safer when I'm gone (he can't get into food or other trouble) and because I'm a renter my landlords have all loved that my dog doesn't damage their property." - Jackie

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"I travel the country with multiple dogs competing in multiple dog sports. It's for their safety, the safety of others. They are crated at events, in the car and at times at home. My dogs are made to feel that their crate is their "safe spot" in times of stress or just to relax." - Annie

"To survive puppyhood with a German Shepherd puppy." - Laurie

"The list is a very long one as to why. The main one being for their own safety. We recently had to prepare to evacuate our home due to the Kīlauea eruption. Knowing that my dogs and even cats are crate trained relieved a lot of stress. In a pressing time I can tell them crate, they go in, we can move them safely and even if we had to go to a shelter they would be safe and comfortable." - Meghan

"We chose to crate train our dog for peace of mind. Knowing that she cannot hurt herself or get into trouble when we are at work has been a benefit for us, and also for her own good. She loves her crate now and often goes in it even when we are home and she has free rein of the house." - Anna

"To give my dogs down-time and a safe place to rest when I can’t supervise their activity." - Angie

"So they could be safe and comfortable while we aren't home and while traveling. To give them their own space to eat and rest in. And also to try to avoid stress in case of a stay at a vet or boarding kennel, etc." - Carrie

"For safety of the dogs and as a military family, we never know when we where we might have to travel with them. Having our dogs used to a crate will make travel easier and safer." - Nadine

"Crating them offers a safe place for me to put my dogs when I am out and allows me to feel comfortable to do what I have to do and not be worried about them and what's going on at home. I have always crated my dogs and they are comfortable in their crates while I'm out, meal time and some even for bedtime. Winding down after playtime and exercise and training. None of my dogs have anxiety issues and love their crates." - Brent

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What Has Been The Most Beneficial Outcome of Crate Training?

"The wide variety of situations where I’ve been able to take and safely use our crate- flying, long drives, shows, events, work, evacuations, and basic crate training." - Kelly

"I can drive without distractions and know my dogs and bird are safe." - Liz

"My dog now loves his crate. LOVES it! He runs into it, so excited to get a snack and a nap. I never have to worry that he’s getting into anything he shouldn’t, and I can relax knowing that he feels safe and relaxed." - Carol

"Success at potty training and obedience make it easier to travel with my dog. We travel a lot. My dog sleeps and eats in her crate. I find her laying in her crate during the day when we aren’t doing anything. It’s her space. Her cave." - Maria

"My SAR K-9 is able to fully relax in my vehicle between missions. His kennel is a piece of his home that goes everywhere with him." - Audrey

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"It helps a lot during the potty training stage. Never had a dog go to the bathroom in their crate. Also it’s a great way to separate our pups when they’re getting too rambunctious together and need to take a breather!" - Nicco

"A calm space that my dogs can go, having three females in the house gets a little crazy and moody, so they put themselves in their space, also for food time, it's nice to have them in their own areas." - Brittney

"Recovery from surgery that required strict crate rest was considerably easier to handle." - Sarah

"Safety in the car!" - Lisa

"It gives us piece of mind when we need to leave as we know our dogs are safe and unable to ingest unwanted items such as socks." - Janie


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