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We've Got Puppy Fever!

We've Got Puppy Fever!

puppy litter head tilt

Happy National Puppy Day!

To celebrate one of our favorite days of the year, we've decided to feature A LOT of puppy photos- submitted by our amazing friends on Facebook! Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy this cuteness overload!




(PC: Heather W. / Logan H. / Francis O. / Lou Ann Battistoli P.)


setter puppies golden retriever puppies

(PC: Carrie D. / Cathy M. / Danna M. / Christina C.)


yellow labrador retriever puppy gsd puppy dobermans

 (PC: Melissa B. / Tiffany V. / Courtney H.)


toller puppy litter belgian malinois (PC: Logan H. / Rebecca H. / Kelli A. / Erynn S.)


husky puppy samoyed  (PC: Stephanie H. /  / Eve P. / Breanne G.)


husky puppy belgian malinois puppy merle

(PC: Kadie W. / Melissa G. / Helen S. / Abby B.)


Can't get enough puppy photos in your life? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for the cutest doggo pictures! Don't forget to tag #impactpups on Instagram or comment on our Facebook posts to submit your photos for a chance to be featured. Happy National Puppy Day!