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working dog tested and approved crate featuring dutch shepherd dog

Working Dog Tested and Approved Crate


"Anything that can safely contain him is worth every penny!"

dutch shepherd in stationary impact dog crate
Meet this handsome Dutch Shepherd named Zero! He's a fur missile working dog who is apparently "extra derpy." Over a year ago, we noticed we were tagged in a post by @dutch_wrecker's who shared their rollercoaster experience with Zero breaking through several crates before finding him an Impact crate. Thanks again for sharing your story with us! Enjoy!

  "Alright y’all, time to talk crates! 'Sir Derps A Lot' has gone through multiple kennels in a very short period of time. From wire to plastic he continually put them to the test and won. Putting him into the kennel was a battle of its own! That was until Impact Dog Crates saved us! I often hear that the price deters folks but i can 100% say it is an investment for both your dog AND yourself!! Not only do I have piece of mind that he is safe and secure but he now willingly will go into his kennel upon command. With all that said, I’m done blabbing, now go get yourself a crate! (P.S. his smile should say all you need to know!)" - @dutch_wrecker

damaged wire dog crate
dutch shepherd dog damage wire crate
dog escaping wire kennel
dutch shepherd size stationary impact dog crate
Update- 8 months later:   "I’ve heard it before... “that much for a kennel? I can’t afford that.” Well, listen up! This kennel has paid itself off  Every👏Single👏Day👏! This kennel is his home away from home when we travel. It is as much his comfort as it is mine. I have no worries if he is safe and secure while in there. This dog is a walking tornado, anything that can safely contain him is worth every penny! If you’ve ever debated on buying one I have just one suggestion... DO IT! Wait no longer, get the card and buy it! 🙌" - @dutch_wrecker 
working dog proof stationary crate

Zero's Impact Crate:

Gray size 40-inch Stationary crate 

Available in 7 sizes and 5 colors 

Shipped fully assembled

Fun Fact: Our Stationary crate was originally designed to protect United States Military and Police Working Dogs! 

The Stationary Impact Crate is constructed of heavy duty materials, including durable aluminum and stainless-steel hardware. Every single crate is handcrafted in our state-of-the-art facility located in North Idaho and inspected to guarantee quality and safety for your pup. 

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