How to Throw the Coolest Dog Party

how to throw the coolest dog party

Happy National Dog Party Day!

Yes, it's a real thing. June 21st is dedicated to celebrating the special bond between you and the amazing furfriends in your life. It's also the perfect opportunity to throw a Project X party for your dogs... or maybe just a mellow BBQ. Get ready to level-up your #dogmom status.. or earn the "cool dad" title. Your dog deserves the paw-ty of a lifetime. Here are some of our favorite party ideas to help you throw the coolest dog party ever! 🙌 LET'S PAWRTY!! 🎉


puppy holding pizza 

🍕 Pup-peroni Pizza Party! 🍕

Crack open a cold one with the doggos! 🍻 Brew up some homemade broth 'dog beers' and consider starting a Fantasy Football League with your dog squad, because this just became a weekly tradition. "In dog beers, I've only had 1." - says every DogDad ever

Oh, and don't forget to build a delicious Dogiorno dog-friendly pizza, because it's not a pupperoni pizza party without the main ingredient. (note: This is also an ideal opportunity to start the 'pineapple doesn't belong on pizza' debate. 🍍 It truly builds lasting friendships. )

sharpei dog in tutu 

 👑  Paw-rincess Costume Party  👑  

Howloween in June? Yess! "Give me an excuse to dress up and I'm there" is the inspiration you need for organizing this adorable party. What's more magical than a puppy dressed as a unicorn? nothing. 🦄 If your fur-friends would rather rock their birthday suit, that's cool too.. no shame.  

dog on pool floaties in swimming pool

🐬   Pool Pawrty !  🏖

Step 1: Find the nearest body of water

Step 2: Bring all of your fur-friends (even the ones who are aquaphobic and afraid of sharks)

Step 3: Take over the beach like it's Spring Break in Cancun 🤙

bonus points for religiously posting these photos every #wetdogwednesday saying "beach days. take me back." 

snacks girl

 🍪 don't forget the SHNACKS!! 🍪

When you have 5 barking vacuums following you around, you're gonna need some snacks.. like, a lot of them. Snag some treats from your local Barkery, or go full Pinterest mode in the kitchen to whip up a few homemade treats!

Here are some of our favorite snack ideas:







Treat Yo Self


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