This family's Belgian Malinois needed a High Anxiety dog crate after all. Does your dog show signs of separation anxiety?

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Not all dog crates are built for every dog breed, size, or temperament, especially when it comes to dogs who show signs of separation anxiety. This proved to be true for one Belgian Malinois named Dagger, who has a history of escaping and destroying dog crates. After their determined pup had broken through a handful of kennels, Dagger's family is excited to have finally found a solution for their stressful situation. 

Here is what they're saying about their Malinois' new High Anxiety Impact Dog Crate:


If your dog's separation anxiety is becoming a worrisome situation for you, then it may be time to look into a more cost-effective and permanent solution for a dog crate. The High Anxiety crate is welded, riveted, made of higher-gauge aluminum, and designed for anxious pups.

Thank you @adoseof.dagger (Instagram) for sharing your story! You can check out our High Anxiety crates here:

High Anxiety Impact Dog Crate

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