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Abandoned Pit Bull's Inspiring Rescue Story

Abandoned Pit Bull's Inspiring Rescue Story

This is a heartwarming rescue story of a puppy who endured months of neglect and was thrown from a car before appearing at the doorstep of his new, loving family. Here's his story, as told by his new mother, Kelci.

-"Sue had no idea what petting was..."

"I was outside in our fenced yard with Charlie, our pit bull, and we were playing around with some sticks when I heard a car stop beside me. I thought it was our neighbors so I was about to wave hi, but it was a car I had never seen before. They stopped, opened the door and pushed a small, spotted puppy out of the car and drove off. I waved at the driver to stop, thinking it might have been an accident, but they just kept going. This poor puppy immediately saw us and started moving towards the fence as I ran over to pick him up. He was a skinny, muddy pit bull roughly 4 months old. We fed him, gave him a bath, and then checked the local Facebook and Vet offices to see if anyone was looking for him. After a week we gave up and decided to keep him; he needed a lot of love.

We named him Sue, which seemed fitting. Yep, a boy named Sue. It was amazing to see the instant connection he had with Charlie. It didn't take long to notice Sue didn't like people very much and had absolutely no training. He was really weird towards us, didn't know how to act, and wouldn't sit with us. Clearly, he had no idea what petting was either because he would squirm away or run off every time we tried. It took about a month before Sue started to show any affection. It has been over a year and a half since we rescued Sue and he has come a long way. We are so happy to have Sue, Charlie and their new puppy sister Mary Lou in our lives and we love them so much!"

The first time Kelci told this story, my jaw dropped. I had no idea Sue was once a neglected puppy, because the second I walk through their front door, the dogs will excitedly run up with big ol' slobbery dog smiles on their faces. I always notice Sue's tail wagging so hard it looks like he'll tip over. It makes me so happy to know Sue is in the most loving home a dog could ever have. Thanks Kelci and Joe for letting me write your story to share with our dog-loving community!

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