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pumpkin for pups
It's pumpkin season! If you're making a special trip to the pumpkin patch, don't forget to pick out a pumpkin for your dog too. Almost every part of a pumpkin can be fed to your pup and the health benefits of this super...
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healthy treats to stuff in a kong
Mix and match your dog's favorite foods to prepare new treat combinations. You can get creative with stuffing recipes by choosing from dozens of healthy ingredients to fill your dog's Kong toy- including dog-friendly veggies, fruits, raw food, liquids and more. Freeze this stuffed Kong to keep your dog busy.
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homemade dog treats for valentine's day
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your pups! Spoil your special fur-friend with a cute homemade dog treat. Here are three nutritious dog treat recipes that only take a few minutes to mix up and require 4 ingredients or less. 
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