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Dogs With Cool Jobs - Dolly Pawton, the Service Dog

Meet Dolly Pawton! This adorable black lab is an incredibly valuable service dog who closely monitors her human's health, while assisting her with anything from daily tasks to paying for groceries at the store.

Not only is Dolly incredibly talented at her full-time job, but she is a DockDogs prodigy, competing in the World Championships- twice! 

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dogs with cool jobs carter the vet demo dog
Meet Carter, he's the demo dog for a high school veterinary class to help students learn anatomy and how to check vitals on a real pup. This handsome fella is a popular guest speaker during finals and even ran for Prom King last year!
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dogs with cool jobs remington
"Remington was a Human Remains Detection dog and fire station mascot. He retired may of 2019 due to cancer he is a member of Project K9 Heroes, he had to have his leg amputated in order to save his life. He now does everything possible to help raise money for other retired K9s."
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dogs with cool jobs bugsy the bed bug detection dog
Dogs With Cool Jobs #02 features Bugsy, an 8 year old Bed Bug Sniffing Beagle! He is only one of about 4 working bed bug dogs in their Canadian province. He inspects everywhere from houses to emergency vehicles. Learn how bed bug detection dogs are trained, the best (and scariest) parts of this job and how to inspect a room for bugs.
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