photos of the week Jan. 12th

Here are some of our favorite photos of the week: Doggo Camouflage! Check out these perfect moments of dogs blending into their "natural habitat."
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PC: Holly McKenzie

PC: Jodi Schmidt

PC: Kelsey Morgan

PC: Wendy Waller Reichert

PC: Simone Sortwell

PC: Lindsay Letcher

PC: Kimberlie McCormick Casey

PC: Julia Vaughn

PC: Tammy Peterson

PC: Stephanie Hagar

PC: Kim Des Lauriers Kazee

PC: Wendy Browne

PC: Melissa Hughes

PC: Carrie DesLauriers

PC: Melanie Richard

PC: Jennifer Leigh

PC: Julie Dawson

PC: Becky Kasavan

PC: Danna Mosley

PC: Stephanie Shular

PC: @kodavomruyter

PC: @nai_thecoolguy

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