Here's how one creative dog owner incorporated an Impact Dog Crate with her stylish home!

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x large 450 teal collapsible impact dog crate belgian malinois
x large 450 teal collapsible impact dog crate in bed storage
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"How I made the bed: 1 large Malm dresser, 4 small Kallax units, mount units to each other/ the wall. with 1/8” plywood under kallax (or thick felt furniture feet) to make up slight height difference. Add slats on top, then full sized mattress. I ended up adding Velcro to the slats to hold the mattress in place, and a push-button light inside so I can see in the dark. Also, furniture sliders under the crate for easy movement/access to interior shelves, and a fan mounted under the desk on the opposite wall so the pup doesn’t get overheated. We’re really happy with our setup (and all the storage we have in such a small footprint!)"

Crate shown in photos is the size 450 (X-Large) Collapsible crate in Teal. Click product photo below to see more Collapsible crate sizes, colors, and features!

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