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15 types of dog naps
Stay-at-home-Dogs have it super ruff sometimes. Everyday, dogs have to eat all of the treats, watch out for the mail, yell at the squirrels, watch you eat your food, test the durability of their toys, make occasional appearances in your Zoom meetings, exercise, and...
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dogs vs baths
We’d like to provide you with some much needed entertainment and lighthearted content during this tough time. Fortunately, dogs have this amazing ability to cheer us up. They’re also adorable… and very weird. (I can back those facts by showing...
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photos of the week January 12th
Here are some of our favorite photos of the week: Doggo Camouflage! Check out these perfect moments of dogs blending into their "natural habitat."   Thanks for sharing your photos! PC: Holly McKenzie PC: Jodi Schmidt PC: Kelsey Morgan PC:...
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