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What To Look For In An Escape-Proof Dog Crate
If you're out here surfing the world wide web for a cheap wire dog crate that is indestructible, escape-proof, made of high-quality materials, and includes all of the bells and whistles... well, you're not going to find it. It doesn't exist.
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a rescued german shepherd's transformation
My Impact crate success story- "The first night I had her, I knew there was a problem. I couldn’t leave her even for a minute. She escaped two wire crates initially and ruined them. She tore up the inside of my truck, ripped the seat covers and tore up several beds. I have never had a dog with so much anxiety before and I even had her on medication.
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journey from anxious rescue to loving therapy dog
An anxious dog named Chief came into a local shelter's care after suffering compound fractures to his front legs from jumping off of a 2-story deck to get to his family. Shelter staff noticed this lovable pup's ability to comfort others, which inspired the community to help Chief on his journey to become a Therapy Dog.
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