What To Look For In An Escape-Proof Dog Crate

What To Look For In An Escape-Proof Dog Crate


If you're out here surfing the world wide web for a cheap wire dog crate that is indestructible, escape-proof, made of high-quality materials, and includes all of the bells and whistles... well, you're not going to find it. It doesn't exist.

Purchasing an inexpensive wire crate or thin plastic dog crate from Amazon and expecting it to have the same long-lasting features as a heavy duty aluminum dog crate is like buying a 25 year old Honda Civic off Craigslist and expecting it to drive like a brand new BMW. It's wishful thinking, but unfortunately it's very unrealistic.

When it comes to investing in a quality product, often times you get what you pay for. This is the case for dog crates too.

Every photo included in this article has been submitted by customers through our reviews page. There is a lot of carnage shown in this article and fortunately all of the dogs were okay. 


dog chews and bends wire kennel wires exposed with holes

Photo submitted by Phillip C. 


Please crate responsibly

The purpose of this article is to educate dog owners about choosing the safest crate for their anxious dogs. Not every dog needs an escape-proof crate, nor does a wire crate work for every dog. There is a crate out there for every type of dog. 

When choosing a dog crate, find one that fits your dog's size appropriately, is designed for how you plan to use it (car travel, planes, at home, dog shows, etc.), and is safe enough for your dog's temperament.  

dog broke through plastic pet carrier dog crate with shards of plastic on floor

A dog broke through this thin plastic pet carrier. Submitted by Tammie.

If your dog is perfectly content in a wire crate, that's wonderful! However, if you're doubting that your dog's current crate can continue to keep him safe while you're away, then this article is for you.

Caring for a dog's physical, mental, and emotional well-being is one of the biggest priorities as a dog owner. Crate training a dog properly allows the dog to establish a positive association with their crate. 

How to Crate Your Dog Responsibly:

  • Crate train your puppy properly. Do research on crate training and/or hire a professional dog trainer. 
  • Never use a crate as punishment for your dog. Continue to develop a positive association with the crate.
  • Do not keep your dog in a crate for long periods of time. Use the crate appropriately.
  • If your dog has a history of destroying crates, opt for a heavy-duty crate rather to keep them safe rather than a basic wire crate.
  • If you have any doubt that the safety of your dog's crate is compromised, then do not use the crate again. Prevent the possibility of injury to your dog. If you're fixing bent wires or using zip-ties to hold a crate together, then the crate is already too dangerous for your dog.
  • An escape-proof dog crate is a tool for protecting pets with separation anxiety, it is not the solution. Do not rely on a crate as the solution to preventing a dog's destructive behavior. Reintroduce crate training and consistently work on beneficial ways to help reduce anxiety everyday. The crate should a secure crate when your dog needs to be crated.   



    destroyed wire crate front door torn off from dog snapchat caption i have a houdini in dog form

    A German Shepherd destroyed multiple crates including this wire kennel. Submitted by Jack Z. 

    Why Do Dogs Try To Escape Crates?

    So why is it that some dogs feel perfectly content in minimalistic crates, but other dogs lose their minds if they have to lay in a crate for a few minutes? 

    There are a number of reasons why dogs feel the need to escape their kennels. Many of these pups have some form of anxiety triggered by spending time in a crate or spending time away from their owners. Separation anxiety, PTSD, storm phobia, or abuse from previous owners seem are common stressors  among dogs who destroy crates. Male dogs trying to reach a female in heat are incredibly motivated escape artists as well.


    dog chewed through plastic pet carrier kennel and escaped

    This plastic dog kennel became a dangerous chew toy. Submitted by Scott R.


    Unfortunately numerous dogs, especially rescues, have experienced traumatic abuse involving kennels. Some of which had to spend hours abandoned in a crate, day after day, without a break or meals or any exercise. This abuse can go on for years before new families rescue these pups. When a dog in this situation is reintroduced to a kennel, they now associate the kennel with abandonment and trauma causing extreme separation anxiety.

    dog bent bars on heavy duty metal crate

    An "indestructible crate" without the indestructible features. Submitted by Vickie C.


    Many puppies have not been crate trained properly or consistently. Maybe they were house trained in a kennel as a puppy, but then the crate was never used again until the vet recommended crate rest or a random circumstance caused the dog's owner to use the crate again. Suddenly this pup who hasn't used a crate in years is expected to feel perfectly content without being properly reintroduced to it. This sudden use of a kennel can trigger anxious crate behavior.  

    destroyed wood door caused by dog with separation anxiety

    Submitted by SDKinsley

    Temperament is a big contributing factor to why a dog may be determined to escape their crate. For example, high-drive dog breeds such as Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, Border Collies, and Siberian Huskies entertain the challenge of outsmarting dog crates. 

    The process of a dog successfully escaping a crate is often described as a "victory" to the pup. After a dog has escaped his crate by gradually chewing through the plastic, or bending wires, or outsmarting a latch, he considers the newly found freedom as a reward. From this point on, every new crate he encounters is just seen as "challenge accepted." 

    broken door bars on plastic dog crate dog escaped

     Dog broke through the hollow metal bars of this plastic crate. Submitted by Ranae E.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    Did you really just replace that mangled wire crate with another wire crate for your Houdini-dog? Well, you should probably just carry that new wire dog crate to the garbage bin because that's where it's about to end up- just like the last one, and the one before that.

    Looking through the reviews on our website, it's mind blowing to read about how much money some dog owners have had to pay towards emergency vet visits and procedures, home repairs, and various purchases because their dog was left unsupervised and free to roam the house, or their dog escaped his crate or designated area. 

    dog chewed through drywall in bathroom

    “My boyfriend and i have been unable to leave our pit/lab mix alone for months. We originally purchased her a wire crate that she broke out of and nearly killed herself escaping, leaving a path of destruction throughout the house. We started needing to crate her this year after her separation anxiety got so bad she tore through several walls in our home while we were out (once for 15 minutes).” - Kelly H.


    Here is a condensed list of the various investments made by dog owners that have been mentioned in our reviews:

    • Home repairs: replacing flooring and carpet, replacing blinds, fixing drywall and molding, replacing doors and fences. 
    • Preventing further home damage: adding locks to doors, extending fences, installing cameras, etc.
    • Purchasing more crates
    • Reinforcing broken kennels
    • Replacing furniture: mattresses, couches, pillows, tables, etc. 
    • Vet bills: emergency surgeries from ingesting toxic household supplies or food, blockages from foreign objects including pieces of plastic crates, stitches, broken limbs or torn muscles (dog jumped from second story window), and anxiety meds. 

    husky tore up carpet and stairs in home

    Husky escaped wire crate and caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Fortunately the pup was okay. Submitted by @caitdallas


    dry wall chewed through from dog escaping kennel.jpeg

    Submitted by Kelly H.


    dog exploded couch pillow with feathers all over room

     Poof! Submitted by Alison E. 


    As you can see scrolling through the images in this article, the carnage caused by these anxious pups is shocking and the injuries they have endured trying to get to their owners is --  a lot of dogs who will risk self-injury to be reunited with their family or just to be outside of their kennel. 

    If you're reading this blog while comparing your pup to a professional escape artist, then you've definitely come to the right place.

    Maybe it's possible that THE master illusionist, Harry Houdini, has been reincarnated as your family dog. Yet, the more likely scenario is that your pup is just too smart for every wire and plastic crate contraption they encounter. 

    Have you tried using carabiners and zip-ties to reinforce your wire or plastic dog crate? If so, it's already too late.


    wire crate bent by dutch shepherd dogMagic trick. Submitted by @dutch_wrecker

    The Purpose of a wire crate

    The main intention of wire kennels is for at-home use and a popular kennel choice for puppy training. A basic wire dog crate is often used for house-training, which helps build a beneficial foundation for teaching puppies to enjoy time alone in a crate for sleeping or as a preferred personal space to retreat to. 

    The wire crates are not recommended for car transport and are not airline-approved. Also, a flimsy wire dog crate is not specifically engineered to keep anxious dogs safe and secure. Wire and thin plastic crates are clearly not designed for all dogs. Every pup is different, with different backgrounds, temperaments, training, and size. A basic plastic crate that is satisfactory for a 20 lb. Miniature Schnauzer might not be durable enough for a Plott Hound.

    dog escaped wire crate from inside reinforced by strap

    A clever Wolfdog escaped this wire crate even with reinforced clips and straps. Submitted by @goldilocksandthewolf 

    Understand How Your Dog Is Escaping The Crate

    Before you essentially throw money away by purchasing another easily-escapable dog crate, it's crucial to know HOW your dog is escaping. If your dog uses her canines and claws to dig through plastic or bend wires, then a crate with a solid, chew-proof frame is a great start. 

    german shepherd escapes plastic crate and destroys house

    Submitted by Aimee S.

    If you have a large, muscular dog who slams his body into the crate door until it pops open, then a heavy-duty kennel with multiple latches and a strong door may help prevent self-harm and escapes. 

    Has your intelligent dog outsmarted every crate you've "secured" them in? Finding an escape-proof crate without moving parts and no access to locks from the inside of the kennel would be a smart strategy. The more complex the latch is, the better. 

    plastic brown and tan pet carrier dog crate destroyed

    A Pomsky chewed his way to the outside of this plastic dog crate. Submitted by @super_pup_squad 


    dog escaped wire dog crate from plastic tray in living room

    The classic escape. Submitted by Michele Z.

    For determined dogs who have a history of destroying crates by bending bars, chewing through ventilation holes and will risk their safety to break out of a crate, then it's important to stay away from buying kennels with sharp pieces. Some pups will scratch, chew and pull at any component of a crate if it means there's a chance of escaping. Choosing a secure crate constructed of a solid material (that can't be bent) with smooth walls, small ventilation holes, and without exposed hardware could reduce your dog's chances of injury.    


    broken metal dog crate with wide bars  Submitted by Jarred R. 

    Assuming your dog is an escape-artist, it's time for you to look at your dog's current crate and ask yourself "is this crate safe enough for my pup?" 

    Understanding how dogs usually escape kennels, crates, cages and pet carriers is beneficial for preventing further escapes or future injuries to your dog. 

    What to look for in an escape-proof dog crate

    Here are several must-have features for an indestructible, escape-proof dog crate:

    The crate is constructed of durable material
    Flimsy wire, thin plastic, fabric, flexible metal, and wood qualifies as chewable material for destructive dogs. Look for a thick metal crate with  solid sides rather than just bars or wire contraptions. 
    Avoid ingestible materials and hardware that can be reached from inside the crate. This also applies to crates with exposed bars as mentioned before, as a dog can reach paws or teeth through to get to household objects or the crate latches.
    For dogs who are prone to digging and scratching at kennels, we recommend a thick crate that can hold up to scratches. 

    Multiple locks or latches for additional security 

    Crate latches should be out of reach from your dog. Bonus points if your future escape-proof dog crate includes additional latches, such as butterfly latches across the door.

    Complex latches
    The door latch of a secure crate should be more complex than a sliding lock. Paddle latches or slam latches are a not only easy for a person to close, but rated to hold over 300 lbs. of force. 
    Includes only one door
    It may be convenient to have another point of access to your pet, but when looking at escape-proof dog crates, it's important to reduce the opportunities for a dog to break through a crate door. A double-door crate is great for pet transport in vehicles, but it's not necessary for an at-home kennel.
    No removable pieces 
    When choosing an escape-proof crate, avoid kennels with a removable plastic tray as it might become just another tasty chew toy for a destructive pup. 
    Welded construction  
    A high-quality, indestructible dog crate made of metal should be welded together for integrity and to prevent gaps between panels. 
    Small ventilation holes
    Not only should a dog crate include significant airflow for your dog, but the crate can't have larger ventilation holes. Smaller ventilation holes significantly reduces the chance of your dog breaking off teeth or tearing holes through the sides of the crate.
    Appropriate bar-spacing on doors 
    An escape-proof dog crate should have specially designed door bars. Large gaps on the door or plastic material could eventually allow your dog to reach the latches. Look for bars that are solid not hollow.    
    Den-like environment to reduce anxiety
    How does a dark dog crate reduce anxiety in dogs? 
    Dogs have ancestors who were once born and raised in maternal dens. This is where the concept of dogs being "den animals" comes from. Whether or not dogs are actually den animals, they are related to animals who were raised in maternal dens for the coziness and protection from predators.
    When a dog is properly crate trained from a young age, they will realize that the crate is a sanctuary and no one can bother them while in their peaceful “den." The dark, non-distracting environment of a den-like crate can become a safe retreat for pups. 

    "Indestructible" crates with exposed bars as the sides of a crate allows dogs to chew or bend bars, which is hazardous for their teeth and jaws. A crate with bars or large ventilation holes doesn't create a den-like environment, rather it's essentially a heavy-duty wire crate without the security of walls.    
    No exposed hardware inside the crate
    The inside of an escape-proof and indestructible crate should be smooth. There should be no exposed screws, sharp plastic edges, or pokey wires.
    Includes a dog damage warranty 
    The High Anxiety Impact Dog Crate includes a 10-year Dog Damage Protection Warranty meaning Impact will provide free replacement parts or even a new crate if a dog damages the crate causing a malfunction or compromising the safety of the dog and the crate. 


    dog chewed and bent wires on wire kennel then ripped the plastic removable tray dangerous

    wood door in home chewed to pieces by dog escaped wire crate

    This dog tore up the removable plastic tray, mangled the wire crate to break out. He then obliterated the bedroom door. Submitted by Emily.


    not indestructible dog crate bars are bent metal 

    Dog: 1. Indestructible crate: 0. Submitted by Kim L.


    What is the best escape-proof dog crate?


    The High Anxiety Impact Dog Crate is specifically designed for dogs with escape-artist tendencies and destructive behaviors in crates. Since you're here, you should check out all of the special features of the heavy-duty High Anxiety crate. With over 1200 five-star reviews, Impact's High Anxiety dog crate is commonly recommended as the safest choice for an escape-proof dog crate. To this day, no pet has ever escaped this crate.

    The Impact High Anxiety crate includes all of the must-have features for an escape-proof and indestructible dog crate. The heavy-duty High Anxiety crate includes:

    A stainless-steel Paddle Latch with 4 additional Butterfly Latches for extra security.

    These latches are only accessible from the outside of the crate. The paddle latch hardware on the inside of the door is also protected by a smooth, welded metal cover to prevent pets from snagging teeth or reaching latches. The product image above shows the 4 stainless-steel butterfly latches and main paddle latch on the door. The hinge of the door is securely riveted to the crate. There is no exposed hardware inside the crate.

    For dogs who have a tendency to ram their body at crate doors hoping to push it open, they will be very frustrated with their attempts. This High Anxiety Crate door does not budge. 


    The latch is unaccessible from inside of the crate and protected by a smooth, welded metal cover. 


    The crate is constructed of heavy-duty American aluminum and finished with a pet-friendly powder-coat. 

    The inside of the heavy-duty High Anxiety dog crate is welded together to form a solid, escape-proof kennel. The crate is also riveted to prevent any gaps or moveable parts. The solid crate floor consists of smooth powder-coated surface for comfort and is resistant to digging and scratching.   

    welder working on Impact dog doors


    Small ventilation holes provides a den-like environment

    Although the ventilation holes are small, there is plenty of airflow throughout the crate, even with the Door Guard attached. The number one priority of the High Anxiety crate is for a dog's safety, so we made sure to engineer every component of this crate for safety and security. The ventilation holes are small enough to prevent teeth from snagging around the crate. The round holes are also smooth and powder-coated to protect claws and canines. 

    The ventilation design provides a cozy, den environment with solid walls and an enclosed roof. This can help anxious pups feel secure and comfortable. 

    round ventilation holes on high anxiety impact dog crate 

    Appropriately spaced bars on the door

    As stated before, every component of the High Anxiety crate is specifically designed for protecting dogs with anxiety and destructive habits. The door bars are no exception. The bars across the crate door are made of solid aluminum (not hollow) and welded to the frame of the door. The door bars are carefully spaced to help prevent a dog's mouth from reaching around the bars and protects a dog from accidentally locking their jaw on the crate. 

    The High Anxiety Impact dog crate includes a free aluminum door guard to cover the bars as well. Although it is included with every High Anxiety crate, it is optional to install. It only takes a few screws to attach the panels as a clam-shell design. The door guards are designed to cover the bars from dogs who are still determined to bite bars. 

    The carefully spaced door bars can also be covered by this heavy-duty door guard. 

    Spring-loaded handles

    Like all Impact dog crate models, the High Anxiety crate also includes 2 spring-loaded handles on the roof of the crate. The handles are a convenient feature for maneuvering the crate and for strapping the crate into a vehicle with tie-downs.

    Convenient spring-loaded handles

    6 size options
    The High Anxiety dog crate is available in six sizes. The sizes are referred to by crate length: size 30-inch, 34-inch, 40-inch, 40-inch (wide + tall), 42-inch, and 48-inch.

    Includes a 10-year Dog Damage Warranty 
    What is the 10-year Dog Damage Protection Warranty?

    The High Anxiety Impact Dog Crate includes a 10-year Dog Damage Warranty. This means that if your dog damages a part of the crate causing a malfunction or compromising the safety of your dog and the crate, those parts will be replaced for free. Free replacement parts, or even crate replacement, is provided within this 10 year timespan. If this happens, please contact us immediately, so we can provide you with replacement parts or a brand new crate. Proof of crate purchase by the original owner is required. The High Anxiety dog crate is the only Impact crate model with a Dog Damage Warranty.

    Engineered, manufactured, and sold from one US-based facility

    Impact Dog Crates is proud to manufacture every single dog crate from our facility here in Hayden, Idaho. Our support team is easy to contact and always happy to help with sizing recommendations, answer any questions and more. 

    Peace of Mind

    Having peace of mind knowing your dog is safe while you're away is priceless. Coming home to an unharmed dog is a wonderful feeling. This crate is hands-down the safest dog crate for anxious dogs.


    Customer Testimonials

    If you have a Houdini-dog and considering investing in a safer dog crate than a flimsy wire crate, hopefully this thorough article has provided some beneficial information for your research. Fortunately, many dog owners have done a lot of research to find the best escape-proof dog crate for their pups. Over 1000 of those exhausted dog owners finally ended their long search by discovering the High Anxiety Impact Dog Crate. There are various reasons why these customer made the choice to invest in this heavy-duty dog crate, so feel free to read the following customer testimonials. Maybe you'll discover that some of these dog owners were in the same desperate situation that you're currently experiencing.

    Best of luck on your search for the best escape-proof dog crate! As always, our team is happy to answer any of your questions. 


    german shepherd chewed plastic tray in wire dog crate and now has heavy duty high anxiety crate 

    "No more escaping! Our German pup Riley has broken through, chewed and/or destroyed 4 different crates. Her high anxiety Impact crate was the solution to her anxiety. Not only can she not break out, but she is calmer in her crate and loves it! She goes in to sleep all on her own and doesn’t freak out when we close the door. If you have a pup working their way through all the crates at the pet store, stop wasting your money and buy one of these bad boys! You won’t regret it." - Aimee S. 


    husky escaped wire crate by breaking plastic try and wires

    "Since I’ve had Loki he has had severe separation anxiety. No matter what I did. I researched different techniques and training but no matter what the moment he was left alone he would freak out and try to escape his crate, swipe to see videos of the times he did escape. He has destroyed $500 or more worth of shoes, gotten into food, clothes and destroyed the crate I had for him. He also had permanently scarred his nose and face from trying to escape. I was at my wits end on what to do and I didn’t want to start resenting my dog." - @caitdallas Read full review here!



    german shepherd dog with cut on nose from breaking out of wire dog crate

     dog tears apart carpet and floor in bedroom

    "Crate = 1000 - Flooring in the house redone = 8000. Should have just bought the crate and saved money in the long run😅..." - Submitted by Cait. Read full review here!


    "Life saver

    I've had it 3 months and it's been a life saver knowing he can't hurt himself. After 3 destroyed wire kennels, this is worth it. I'm happy with it.. it has scratches but he's not getting out and destroying doors anymore." - Valerie W.


    "Great Crate

    I hesitated spending this kind of money on a crate. It was well worth every penny. My Rottie girl gets anxious when we leave her. She was destroying anything she could get to in the house. I was afraid she was going to hurt herself. She could drive all other crates around the house by slamming around in them. She put several holes in the walls with large plastic travel crates. She actually relaxes in the impact crate and goes in and out of it on her own. Wish I had gotten one sooner. It has saved her life and our house." - Deborah L.

    "Worth the price

    I went back and forth on this crate, it is very expensive but after my dog getting hurt on one of the wire crates that I had reinforced with zip ties I decided to try the High Anxiety Crate out. We have had it a month and now my dog goes in it and just relaxes I think he knows he can’t get out of it so that has helped his anxiety. Very well made and overall it is worth the money. If you have a dog with high anxiety this is the crate for you." - Dallas D.

    "Best of the Best

    Hello…Am a former Police Officer, K 9 Handler/Handler assigned in the same capacity by the Dept. of State to the 7th and 3rd group U.S. Special Forces/Green Berets in both Iraq and Afghanistan during the major conflicts. During my 40 plus years
    Experience Training and handling Working K 9’s, I have utilized a vast majority of crates/kennels to house and transport. “Impact” dog brand has no equal! With Working dogs, there can be issues with people and other dog aggression. This can result in dogs “breaking” or escaping these enclosures. This has happened and witnessed numerous times in my career. Since the purchase of “Impact” brand…All fears and concerns are a thing of the past. Without a doubt, “Impact” has no equal! The peace of mind they offer whether be transport,anxiety, safety, aggression or destructive issues, Rest assured…These will become a thing of the past! These crate/ kennels deliver the results!…..”Highly Recommended is not a big enough term for their quality and results! Thank you impact for the “Best of the Best” - Joe D. Pittsburgh, Pa.


    "Amazing crate

    Straight up, this is THE BEST crate I have ever purchased. I have three dogs, and I had recently lost my GSD and it felt so empty only having two dogs, so I made the decision to rescue another GSD who came from an unknown, what I can only guess, was a terrible situation. She is an all around well mannered, sweet adorable girl, except when she is left alone. I tried crate training her with a traditional wire crate (my other dogs are crate trained and do fine in these), she worked her way out of the crate, with the door still latched, and broke a K9 tooth in the process. My walls and doors were scratched to bits, blinds destroyed, carpet destroyed, just a general mess. I then bought a heavy duty plastic crate with a better door on it. She did okay the first few times, but broke the spring on the door, and again, made a mess. I came across the High Anxiety Impact crate and it has been a literal 180. She goes in the crate, she is comfortable in the crate , she is safe, my house is safe, we are all happier. It is 200% worth the money. If your dog has separation anxiety, this crate is a must. A sincere thank you from Stella, Lana, Archer and Kate!" - Katelyn C.


    "This crate is magic.

    We have a 110 lb lab/shephed/mastiff rescue beastie. He was raised with a crate before we got him, and he has always gone in his crate without difficulty, but he drools like crazy. I have had to wash the crate mat daily because of the drool, and we had to keep a "drool catcher" container in front of the crate to catch the surplus. I hated that he was that anxious, but I was skeptical that this crate would work. However, it is a miracle. We've had the high anxiety crate for about week, and the dog and crate have been dry every time he's been in it. I'm happily stunned. Thank you." -Anonymous


    "Spared us from a broken heart

    We bought this crate for our adult son who had just adopted a three year old mastiff - mix breed dog from the animal shelter. She is as sweet and docile as can be, UNLESS, my son leaves her at home alone. Then she is a terror and no cage we tried could keep her safely contained. She destroyed so many cages ,dog beds and household items in her separation anxiety tantrums. We feared my son would have to take the dog back to the shelter and knew that would break his heart. Then, I found the Impact Dog Crate website and took a chance that the High Anxiety Crate could save us much grief. It has been such a relief and a complete answer to our prayers. She cannot get out no matter how hard she tries and yet, she happily goes in the crate on her own to just spend time or get a toy when my son is home, so she obviously is not traumatized by the crate! When we counted up all the things she destroyed, the cost of the crate did not seem so high. Also, the crate (42 inch High Anxiety Crate) is much lighter to move around than we anticipated, which is a real plus. I have never written a review of any product before, but this crate deserved a positive review and then some." -J.C.


    "Very impressed 42" High Anxiety crate

    We have owned our 42" High Anxiety crate for about a year now, Our Dog would destroy the Plastic crates yanking the wire door off or just breaking out the sides. It gets kinda expensive paying $235 for XL dog kennel for it just to last few days so I looked online for a very well built kennel regardless of the price point. This crate has held him inside safely and does not even get close to getting out. We dont even latch the butterfly latches any more. It is very well designed and they went above and beyond assuring the safety of the dog inside making all rivets either hidden or in a spot he cant catch their paws. I give 5 stars hands down even with the $1150 price tag that was 12 months 0% interest loan. There was damage in shipping, no fault of theirs because the packaging was excellent, freight company got little over zealous with forklift, but they resolved the issue quickly and fair." -Ron S. 



    I adopted a dog in October of 2021 who lived on the streets. When she got into our home we tried to crate train her (as we have successfully done with other dogs), but she would hurt herself breaking out of any other crate we put her in. It was so bad that I was afraid to leave the house (I didn't want her to hurt herself). This crate was my last ditch effort before being forced to rehome her and i'm so happy i bought it. THIS THING IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! It took about a week, but now I can leave the house for hours at a time and now that she will be sleeping peacefully when I get back. Thank you so much for making this." - Misha


    "Worth. EVERY. Penny!

    We ordered the 40x40 high-anxiety, and the pad, for our 55lb Gracie who is our best Houdini dog as a golden retriever x red heeler. Ordering and delivery was perfection. Gracie loves her safe place. Prior to getting the Impact crate, she escaped every crate we put her in, including when we tried ratchet straps. Her escapes were safety issues in house. We have no problems now, and the peace of mind is worth every penny spent on this. We no longer worry the next vet trip from chewed and swallowed house items, medicines, over eating bags and bags of foods, tearing up window seals, doors, carpets. This is a life saver, and best of all, she is happy and eager to go to her safe place. The other 3 dogs are definitely jealous! We intend to buy more." -KGBinTX


    Read more reviews on our High Anxiety Crate page here!


    High Anxiety crates are also used for animals other than just dogs 

    crate for birds of prey raptors shows red tail hawk and owl and for bald eagles

    Impact High Anxiety crates are trusted for transporting and sheltering the raptors at Birds of Prey Northwest. "Our raptor center provides medical treatment and rehabilitation to sick, injured and orphaned birds of prey with the ultimate goal of returning them to the wild." Learn more about the BOPNW here.

     wolf rehabilitated and returned to wild shown in high anxiety impact dog crate during release

    The High Anxiety Impact Dog Crate shown here is trusted for safely and securely transporting various wildlife.
    Photo source: MPRNEWS