Vinyl Pad - For Stationary and Collapsible Crates

$ 32.54

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The Impact Dog Crates Pads are custom fit water resistant pad. It is especially designed to be easy to clean. Remove the pad, wipe it down and put back in your crate. The pad is made of 1-inch thick foam and is wrapped in durable weather proof vinyl. This pad can be used for preventing pressure sores and is great for dogs that frequently destroy bedding.

NOTE: Stationary and Collapsible Pads are the same sizes except for the 700 Stationary and Collapsible.


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Kennel pad

This pad is well made and looks like it will be very durable.

Vynal mat for crate so far so good

Worried over time she will be so stressed in our absence that she may start to chew like she did with her bedding. She had two surgeries and lost a foot of her intestine......$6000!

Vinyl Pads for 450 & 700 Stationary

We have been very pleased with the vinyl pad we previously ordered for our 450 Stationary that we ordered one for our 700 Stationary. They are very fitted into the corners of the crate which make it difficult (not impossible) for the dog to pull up the pad. Very easy to clean too!

Easy to Clean... Good Padding

It's got great padding and the vinyl material is definitely easy to clean. I'd definitely recommend this for dogs that get wet and muddy before jumping in the crate.

My only issue with the pad is that the pad is sewn together, compared to similar vinyl pads that are heat sealed. This causes the sewn areas to not be waterproof.... You just have to keep this in mind when cleaning or hosing down the pad...


Had this under a berber pad and my dog traveled very comfy on international flight in her impact dog crate. These kennels make them feel secure in their own den. Love the wheels!!! Rolls beautifully!!