Impact Collapsible Bracket (IATA)

$ 52.49

100% Lifetime Guarantee

Introducing the brackets for your Collapsible Impact dog crate. These well built brackets are easily attached in each corner turning your collapsible crate into a stationary crate and making it IATA compliant.

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New Crate for Loki

Loki is an 85lb Alaskan Malamute with a heart of gold. We got her the new collapsible crate and it was very easy to set up. Loki has destroyed 3 previous wire crates with ease. So far she has not even tried to get out of this one. I don’t know if she just feels safe inside it or what but she just goes in and chills out. We got the extra parts to go around the bars and to make the crate stationary. So far so good and she seems to really like it. I would recommend this crate to anyone with a dog who likes to destroy wire crates for sport.


Impact Collapsible Bracket (IATA)

Great product, great service

I needed this specific crate for my needs and impact was able to get one shipped to me in the DC area in a week. I am very happy with both the quality of the crate and the customer service I received. Impact Crates is a good company and I will do business with them again.

Get the template to use for older model crates

I ordered these for an upcoming flight for my dog in his Collapsible 700 crate that I bought in 2015. I was pretty lost when I received the brackets as the older crates don't have the pre-drilled holes and there's no pictures of them installed on the site. I used chat to ask customer service what to do and they immediately sent me a metal template with instructions and a drill bit! I'm not particularly handy but the kit made it so easy a blind person could drill the eight holes.
I will say that the knobs used to secure the brackets dug into the paint a bit. I added some rubber washers to protect the finish.
I appreciate that Impact offers updated accessories so you can still use your crate in spite of the ever-changing airline requirements.


It came as advertised. My dog would escape from other crates but anymore. He likes it and doesn't even try. I took it with us on vacation and it was very easy to disassemble and reassemble. The handle on the side made carrying it very easy and I was very surprised to find that it fit perfectly on the trunk of the car. Very happy with my purchase