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Testimonials: Dogs' Lives Changed by Impact Dog Crates

At Impact Dog Crates, we design all of our products with your dog’s safety in mind, and we are so happy to see dog owners across the country trust our American-made crates to keep their four-legged friends safe and secure. Continue scrolling to read some of our customers’ testimonials about how Impact Dog Crates made a positive difference in their dogs' lives. 

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How Impact Dog Crates Saved This Dog in an Accident
One of our customers was in a very scary car crash with her precious pup, Opie. At the time of the accident, Opie was safely secured in his Impact Collapsible Dog Crate in the car, and because of that, he did not even sustain a scratch on him. Continue reading to learn more about how Impact Dog Crates protected Opie when he needed it the most. 
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